Market Consultancy Service

Our marketing consultancy service is oriented to create effective strategies, in the position of a specific problem, and in search of a particular objective. The marketing consultants at PATCUSA offers its professional consultancy services to both retailers and professionals, as well as SMEs and Multinational Enterprises.

Our differential values ​​as a marketing consultancy are the responsibility and the commitment to reach the objectives of our clients. Our marketing consultants work together with our pristine clients to develop both effective communications, market positioning strategies, the launch of products and services, websites, apps, brand registration, etc. We can also help you to design the most appropriate type of communication to reach the right segment.

IT Consultancy Service

A good choice and advice on the systems and computer tools that have to support an organization are essential for it to remain in constant performance. The aim is to achieve a perfect alignment between the objectives of the organization and the capabilities of its IT infrastructure. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service for the improvement of IT infrastructure in the organizations.